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Episode 3 Motivating yourself through self-love vs shame ~ Better Than Healthy Podcast

For years I believed I could motivate myself through making myself feel bad. I didn’t consciously realize I was doing this, but it was what I did. It seemed useful because it would lead to some actions for a little bit.

But using not wanting to feel bad as my motivation never lead me to any consistent changes. And I’ve seen this in my clients too. If you want to stay motivated to consistently exercise and do healthy habits, it takes growing your relationship with yourself. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why most people fell into the habit of believing motivated through shame and negativity works
  • Why it never really works to use shame for long term motivation
  • How building self-love, self-trust, and compassion creates long term motivation for health, intuitive eating, exercising, and more


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