Photo of owner of Food Peace Nutrition and text that says "Hi! I'm Ashley Braun. A registered dietitian, intuitive eating coach, and expert in helping people find freedom from emotional eating and dieting"

I believe eating should be easy and enjoyable – not the cause of stress, worry, and guilt.

Like many women, I spent years obsessing over dieting, food, and my body. Unfortunately, I fell into the diet culture trap. All I could think about was what diet I should start next. Years were spent searching for the magical diet that would solve my weight and body image issues.

Not to mention the shame and guilt that came from being a smart, successful woman and a nutrition expert who couldn’t solve her own weight issues.

I felt like I was always at war with myself – battling food cravings and wondering why my willpower wasn’t strong enough. Why I wasn’t strong enough to figure out this area that was consuming all of my time and energy.

Until eventually, I found my way out of dieting to make peace with food and my body.

Using intuitive eating, mindful eating, and mindset work, I found food freedom and ended my struggle with food.

Now it’s my mission to help people like you with their own relationship with food.

Because of my past struggles with food, I understand how it feels to:

  • Try every diet and never find one that works
  • Be so hungry and deprived that all you think about your next meal (even when you’re actively eating a meal)
  • Binge eat just because you’re alone and no one else will know
  • Spend an entire social event thinking and glancing at the food table, imagining how good the food tastes, and wondering what everyone else will think if you eat any of it
  • Believe it’s impossible I could ever make peace with food

I teach you how to challenge food rules and beliefs that create your struggle with food.

Read through the blog and follow me on Instagram for free tips to help you get started with your journey to make peace with food. I’ll be supporting you along the way. And when you’re ready to go deeper into healing your relationship with food and learning to trust yourself, I’ll be here ready to help with intuitive eating coaching and mindset coaching.

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