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Episode 19: Gentle Nutrition

When intuitive eating sounds good in theory, but you’re worried about your health. Know that’s a normal fear because this approach feels so different from what the common health advice tells you. You’re told to avoid and limit the “bad” foods. Where intuitive eating tells you that you can eat anything you want.

In intuitive eating, we use the concept of gentle nutrition to make decisions around food that meet both your taste cravings and nutrition needs. Gentle nutrition uses what research tells us about food to guide food choices to leave you feeling good physically (just without the drama diet culture wraps up into health).

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What makes gentle nutrition different from diet and wellness culture advice
  • How to use the information we know about food FOR you not against you
  • Recognizing when it’s not yet time to add gentle nutrition to your intuitive eating journey

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