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Episode 15: Gentle Exercise – what it is and how to add it

What you’ll learn in this episode on gentle exercise

What’s your motivation for exercise? Losing weight? Increasing health?

Or exercising just because it’s something you know you’re supposed to do?

The way we are taught to motivate ourselves for exercise doesn’t really help us stay motivated.

We try to use external things – like what we think we are supposed to do (you know like doing cardio a few days a week, strength train, and stretch)

And we judge ourselves for not meeting those “standards” we think we should do.

We can end up making exercising regularly more difficult than it needs to be by focusing on what we think we need to do versus focusing on moving our bodies in a way that feels good

In this week’s episode of the Better Than Healthy podcast, we dive into the topic of gentle exercise to understand how to add more regular movement into our lives without the stress.

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