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Episode 13: Coping with emotions without food

In this week’s episode of the Better Than Healthy podcast, we dive into the topic of emotional eating.

Often, emotional eating coaches may give the impression emotional eating is always bad. But the truth is it’s just one way to cope with emotions.

It’s easy afterward to judge the time you emotionally eat because you may be feeling the effects – like a bloated stomach and not feeling good – that makes the emotional eating look like a problem.

The thing is, in the moment you want to emotionally eat – eating is the solution to the current problem of the emotion (not that the emotion is actually a problem).

The key to reducing emotional eating (if you want to) is to understand it. So that’s what we start to do in this week’s episode.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How we learned to use emotions to cope
  • What it means to truly process emotions
  • Tips for coping with emotions without food

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